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Don’t Call It A Comeback.

Hey blog bitches, I am back. 

Where the hell have I been all this time?  Not sure, really.  But I couldn’t remember my damn password, which is pretty sad cause I used to super love this here blog.  Reading it now, I am kind of embarrassed.  But fuck, I am just an embarrassing kind of person I guess.  I have pretty much come to terms with it. 

Anyhow, stuff that has happened since my post from 1 + years ago?  That silly boy I met in LV two-ish years moved here to Los Angeles.  He is still here and we are still together.  Things aren’t amazingly head over heals awesome, but they are good.  I think they would be amazingly head over heals awesome if only he had a job – but in case you don’t know, there is a recession going on.  If there is one thing you take away from my blog, let it be that 2010 was the year when no one in the fucking whole wide country had a job.  Including my boyfriend.  And not having a job causes people to stress.  And stress causes a whole slew of other problems.  Actually, probably maybe things won’t be super awesome no matter what ever never because there is another problem: he doesn’t like Mexican food.  This is seriously, people.  I am likely to reincarnate as a burrito. 

Also, I bought a house.  That was exciting…until I decided I didn’t want to live there.  So I am still living in my shit box apartment in almost Beverly Hills and my parents are living in my house.  Which makes me pretty much the best daughter in the universe because I can [and do] tell everyone I bought my parents a house. 

Annnd, I have been training for the marathon.  I actually ran 18 miles a couple weeks ago.  In a row.  I don’t know why I am doing it, cause it hurts like hell and isn’t that much fun.  But I am.  So support me, ok?  Also, for anyone out there training for a marathon, the Chocolate Mint Gu is really quit delish [warning: not real life delish, just running energy food delish].  Way better than the other shit.   

Aside from that, work is still ok.  Life is still generally good.  Maxine the dog is still fucking amazing. Everyone I know is getting married/baby making.   I am still always trying random crap that doesn’t work to lose weight [I am still looking for the right random crap product, if you have any suggestions].    Oh, and I tried to give up drinking diet coke.   Didn’t last.  Ah well, try again another time.


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