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Bureau of Monday Revitalization – A call to arms.

Certain Someone and I were emailing back and forth about the awesomeness of Los Angeles street art. We started on a conversation about the Space Invaders that are around town. The Space Invaders, for those of you who aren’t in the know, are both awesome and simple [which makes them more awesome]. And sure, I am no artist [believe me, I even sucked at art in the first grade…like, when all we had to do was dye eggs and cut out hearts and stuff] but fuck, I can do something simple and awesome too!
So I am going to. But I need help. Your help, perhaps?
The Master Plan::
So Mondays suck right? I have previously discussed my hostility towards all things Monday, because, um, Monday is stupid. But Monday does not have to be stupid, people! Monday can be awesome. Monday can be a fun day. A happy day. The new Friday, even.
But Monday needs help. [Your help.]
What I propose is that on early Monday [think 4am] we [the troops] descend upon an unsuspecting Los Angeles block whilst the residents sleep, and make it nice. You know, balloons and streamers and silly gifts and a mother effing pinata! [Because frankly, pinatas make every thing better.] Deck out the block – Monday morning party style. And then, when people leave their homes all grumpy because it is another shit bag Monday only to encounter the awesomeness we created – it will be a happy day instead of a sad day!!
First step towards world peace and lower gas prices? I think so. I am thinking a Monday in mid-October. That should give us enough time for logisticals.
Raise your hand if you are in.

Banksy’s Love Poem.

Funny cause it’s true.


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