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Never underestimate the power of friends.

I woke up this morning with a heavy heart. My first instinct was to just mope around the house wishing for something magical to happen knowing all the while that it won’t, thereby causing me to sink deeper into my self-induced fake depression. Instead, I set off for a Mexico/Movie Adventure with Certain Someone.

The first stop was El Coyote. Yes, I know the food kind of sucks there. Yes, I know there is an over-abundance of Christmas lights. Yes, my stomach hurts EVERY time I eat there. But dangit, I love that place. My usual tamale, guacamole, salsa, bean explosion did not disappoint.

After our bellies were full [seriously, painfully, full], we set off to Universal City to catch Wall-E.* It turns out that Universal City is one of the WORST places on earth. As if the twelve dollar parking wasn’t tragic enough, the place is nothing more than a giant, lit up food court. The theater, however, had a special feature that knocked my socks off:: the Dyson hand dryer. World, if you have not yet encountered such hand dryer, you are not living up to your full potential.

Wall-E, which is sooo not a kids movie, is awesome. There is one part where Wall-E is desperate to get another robot to hold his hand. At this moment a) I thought to myself “I am just like Wall-E, all I want is someone to hold my hand” and b) I cried like a fool. Just to recap, I compared myself to a robot and had an emotional melt down. All together now, can we say PMS?

In sum:: I woke up totally sad. I ate a meal that made my belly ache. I went to a place I hated [minus the hand dryer, which seriously, was ridiculously awesome]. I paid too much for parking. But at the end of it all, I feel so much better than I did earlier because I hung out with my friend.

Hooray for friends.

* On the way to the movie we passed by the Banksy gas station on La Brea and Beverly. The fact that his work exists near me makes me happy.

Banksy Girl at Valero on La Brea/Beverly
Banksy Girl at Valero on La Brea/Beverly

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