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My oddly productive week.

Maybe it is because I turned old – or maybe because I am living among the olds – but all of a sudden, I am a person that gets things done.

Usually, I make an exhaustive list of all the things I hope to get done in a week.  And then I promptly misplace the list, until I happen upon it months later, still having all the same things left to do.

On Monday, I followed the usual protocol and created the list.  Only this time, I didn’t lose the list.  Quite the contrary.  By Tuesday, I had actually gotten something on the list completed.  And then another!  And another!  And the satisfaction of getting to cross things off the list was so great that it made me want to add MORE things to the list.

Here I am on Friday, with only one item left:: Figure out life plan (aka where to live plan)

Ok, sure, I left the hardest one for last, but still.  This is serious progress people.  This month marks the first time ever I paid a utility bill on time!

AND, I even maybe have phase 1 of a life plan in motion.  I am going to look at several lofts in Downtown tomorrow.  I am thinking of maybe possibly kinda sorta hopefully buying one!  The Great Silverlake Housing Hunt is turning into an abysmal failure so I figured wtf, may as well take the leap and find a place of my own.  Maybe.  I am very optomistic about one loft development in particular, which has a Primo Cafe AND an Urth Cafe.  It’s is like a thin slice of WeHo on the East Side.


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