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The Moth is my new Project Runway.

I went to Tangier tonight to attend my first LA Moth Storyslam. And let me tell you, it totally rocked. I was expecting 1 or 2 great stories…and got 9 [the one that sucked had this strange homophobic undercurrent that freaked me out. I mean what the fuck person who moved from Texas to Hollywood. This is LA, expect to meet some gay people.]

If you live in Los Angeles or New York, you must attend one of The Moth’s events. And if you live anywhere else, you must move to Los Angeles or New York at once! No, seriously. Move. Now. Go. I am sure my parents can host you for a while if you can’t find a place to live.

For you LA folk::

Tuesday October 7, 2008 at

2138 Hillhurst Avenue at Los Feliz Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA

7:00pm Doors open
7:30pm Stories start on stage

$6 at the door


Bureau of Monday Revitalization – A call to arms.

Certain Someone and I were emailing back and forth about the awesomeness of Los Angeles street art. We started on a conversation about the Space Invaders that are around town. The Space Invaders, for those of you who aren’t in the know, are both awesome and simple [which makes them more awesome]. And sure, I am no artist [believe me, I even sucked at art in the first grade…like, when all we had to do was dye eggs and cut out hearts and stuff] but fuck, I can do something simple and awesome too!
So I am going to. But I need help. Your help, perhaps?
The Master Plan::
So Mondays suck right? I have previously discussed my hostility towards all things Monday, because, um, Monday is stupid. But Monday does not have to be stupid, people! Monday can be awesome. Monday can be a fun day. A happy day. The new Friday, even.
But Monday needs help. [Your help.]
What I propose is that on early Monday [think 4am] we [the troops] descend upon an unsuspecting Los Angeles block whilst the residents sleep, and make it nice. You know, balloons and streamers and silly gifts and a mother effing pinata! [Because frankly, pinatas make every thing better.] Deck out the block – Monday morning party style. And then, when people leave their homes all grumpy because it is another shit bag Monday only to encounter the awesomeness we created – it will be a happy day instead of a sad day!!
First step towards world peace and lower gas prices? I think so. I am thinking a Monday in mid-October. That should give us enough time for logisticals.
Raise your hand if you are in.

My Artful Day.

I bought this Shepard Fairey print today at Small Bills Gallery at 8200 1/2 W. 3rd St [seriously, it looks much better in person – but Certain Someone’s photography skills are questionable today]::


But let’s back up, is probably what you’re thinking.  You’re probably saying to yourself::  Diet Coke, it doesn’t seem like you often purchase art prints!  And that’s because:: I usually don’t, yo.  It’s just that Certain Someone — fine eye for art, him (and for the lady readers:: quite a piece of fine art himself, and single – email me for his info; he likes you already) — told me about this showing.  And when I arrived, he told me that he had purchased this same print.  And I know that Certain Someone has few talents, but one of his talents is spotting value, so I figured I should try to steal his thunder. 

I ALMOST bought one of the David Browne “Berds” that make me so happy when I drive about town (but see, supra:: wanting to steal Certain Someone’s thunder).  But I am going to save my money for one of these instead::

**  Certain Someone hijacked my blog to go on about how he is “fine art.”  In fact, he is more like a bootleg DVD bought on eBay.  But hey, Ladies, if you are into that kind of thing, he’s your man.  ALSO, despite what Certain Someone says, he did not purchase the print, because they only took cash money – and he didn’t have any!  So he had to put the print on layaway. Ha!  Ha!!  

Banksy’s Love Poem.

Funny cause it’s true.

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