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Awesome faces and far away places.

So a week or so ago I Talibaned my face with some potent acid concoction. I complained for a solid week. I used it as an excuse to not attend a BBQ on Sunday or Yoga on Saturday [There is a way cute yoga boy I am semi-stalking. Aside from being a boy in yoga, he drives a Subaru. That puts is odds of being gay at 60% per the DC Dateability Assessment Test. We did chat on Thursday about whether I should get the purple yoga block or the blue yoga block. He liked the blue better, but I went with my gut [which said purple]. I don’t know if the fact that he picked blue over purple makes him 10% LESS gay, or if the fact that he allowed me to engage him in a shopping chatter makes him for sure gay.] But today, my skin looks amazing. So amazing in fact, that I am itching to do it all over again.

For those of you interested, the goods can be purchased here. Recommendation:: don’t try to enroll in enroll in med school before taking a biology course. Meaning, start with the 8% ladies. Trust me on this one.

Aside from learning today that my skin can be awesome, I also learned that Certain Someone is moving to San Francisco. The news makes me very sad. And also, surprisingly [oddly? alarmingly? strangely? inappropriately? – not sure which is the word that goes best there], angry.


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