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The earth shook and my life got shaken up.

[First comes the earth shaking part]
As a Los Angeles native, one might think that I am adept at handling earthquakes. One would be wrong. When an earthquake strikes, I lose my cool. Today was no exception. While my building was creaking, I panicked, I asked my assistant to “please make it stop” [she didn’t] and I cowered in the corner like a fool. It took me a solid hour to regain my composure [actually, it is not clear I had composure to begin with]. The only bonus after today’s quake was the out pouring of love and affection from my peeps [with one notable exception]. Seriously, about a dozen people called, texted, and emailed. All to see if I was ok [I am]. I won’t lie, it made me feel special.
[Next comes the life shaken up part]
Shortly after the quake, my roommate informed me that she is moving back to Arizona [due to sickness, not quake]. For may reasons, her moving is a good thing. It turns out that having a roommate kind of sucks. When I moved into this house after living alone, my intention was to live with Evil Troll, my then best friend. We all know how that worked out. The girl who moved in after her, while good intentioned, is pretty much a total nuisance. But this also means that I have a very short period [31 days] to figure out what the hell I am going to do and where I am going to go myself. And if there is one thing that stresses me out more than earthquakes, it is moving.
In hopes of getting a little support, I called Fancy Shoes to share my news and my stress. About two minutes [maybe not even two minutes, actually] into my call, he started going on about how he thinks my bathroom is nicer than his, but his backyard is nicer than mine. And how his common space will be nicer than mine once he is done with his remodel. Huh? Wasn’t this call about me? And my stress? Yes, I do believe it was. So, I tried to redirect the convo, and instead learned about how he bought tickets to go on vacation…in 2009. Nothing about the conversation made me feel good. It did, however, make me want to get off the phone.
[and now something about milkshakes]
Growing increasingly agitated, I emailed my friend K. and declared that I needed a powwow, STAT. We met in the lobby of my building for milkshakes. I vented. I freaked out a little. Oh hell, I freaked out a lot. But still, no solutions for my problems.
[finally, fuck milkshakes, I need something stiff]
My friend then suggested happy hour. He knows me well.
[UPDATE: Post drinks]
Nope, still no solutions.  But feeling more ok with that.

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