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Ex-Boyfriend called me up (and yoga, too).

I received a call today from my New York Era boyfriend.  Turns out his wife is prego.  The news made me oddly nauseous.  Sympathy morning sickness perhaps?  Don’t think so.  Real morning sickness?  Better not fucking be.
In other news, I have officially mastered the headstand in yoga.  Not much a feat, some might argue.  But you must keep in mind that last time I attempted this act, I thudded hard on the ground – my yoga mat knocking over a candle in my “candlelight flow” class, almost setting the place ablaze.  Okay, fine.  Nothing almost caught on fire, BUT IT COULD HAVE!  Nevertheless, the humiliation factor was high.
Speaking of yoga class, it has been amazing.  So amazing in fact, that I have shelved my notion of running next year’s Los Angeles marathon in favor of becoming a yogi.  Next step, Jedi master.

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